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faq for tattoos

Most people remark that all they felt was a “pressure” on the area. There are things that you can do prior to treatment and these will be discussed at your first appointment.

Method/technique as indicated above. Microblading by definition is fine light strokes and not deeply set.Pigment shade. Darker pigments last longer.Density of pigment.A second “touch up” will usually extend the durability of the treatment.Body chemistry. Oily skins will not hold the pigment as well as dry skins.Environment.Constant exposure to sun and surf (as opposed to being protected from them) will limit the time.Skin care.Regular peels or exfoliations will reduce the life of the treatment.

V is qualified both in Vietnam and Australia. Her qualifications in Australia include Certification in Hygiene and Infection Control. The Business and premises are inspected and licensed by the Queensland Health Department through the Environmental Health Officer at the Sunshine Coast Council. All materials and utensils are tested and certified accordingly and the Clinic is maintained to Health Department requirements and policies. All treatments are controlled and conducted to specific standards.
So in short … Yes it is very safe!

Whilist it is often referred to as Permanent Make up the truth is that pigment fades faster than the Tattoo ink used to.

All treatments consist of three(3) appointments.
The first one is discuss, have explained and evaluate suitability of treatment. It will last 15 mins and if a treatment is decided on then the clinic and operator will be booked for a suitable time.
The Second appointment is when the main treatment is done. It will normally take between 1 and 2 hours depending on the particular treatment. After this a third or follow up appointment will be made for 6-8weeks later.During this time there will be an initial period of 2-3weeks for complete healing, and settling, of the general area.
The Third appointment is very important as it is necessary to evaluate the treatment and possible need for “touch up”.

This will depend on a number of factors but generally speaking a touch up will probably be required somewhere between 8-18months for Microblading and 12-24 months for other work.

Colour is inserted into the skin using special tools.Previously Tattoo ink was used but nowadays pigment is used instead.