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About Us

Hi, my name is Van. I had my first business when I was 8 years old. At that time my family was living in Ho Chi Minh City. I would go to the market, buy some produce and then go around to sell it. This was my job to help Take care of my family. I did not have time to go to school I was too busy working. When I was 15 I learnt how to do nails and I loved it. I found that I could make very strong, very beautiful Nails and all the girls would get excited for their new “AweSome” Nails. I then realised that making other people feel good made me feel good also. This made me realise that I could work a job to take care my family, I could make other people happy and feel good and I would feel good also. So then I had a business that would take care of the Beauty for the girls. I did hair, nails, massage and makeup.
In 2010 I was working my Business when I met, and married, an Australian man. He took me to Australia and my life changed amazingly. At first it was hard I was a Vietnamese girl living in a strange, and very different, country. I missed my family and I missed my country. At first I would spend 3 months in Australia and then 3 months in Vietnam.
In 2014 I was feeling much more comfortable in Australia so I set up a business in my home there.
I specialised on doing AweSome Nails and many girls got excited for the Nails that I did. I would do one set of Nails and then the next day 10 new girls would come because they saw those Nails and wanted AweSome Nails also.
Very quickly my Business grew and soon I had 3,000 girls coming to my business and I even had 6 people working in my Business. Now I was teaching these 6 people how to do AweSome Nails and I realised that I was changing their lives, they were feeling AweSome also and this made me even more happy.
I was still taking care of my family in Vietnam but I had learnt so much that I wanted to share this with my family, my friends and anyone who wanted a better life in Vietnam. So I talked to my Husband and he said “Ok you can set up a business in Vietnam”.
I now live Rach Gia, I love Rach Gia, I love the people Rach Gia and so I want to have my business Rach Gia. I am only little girl, I am quiet girl but I learn many things in my life. Please if you want to have AweSome Nails, if you want to feel AweSome than come to me and let me do for you. I am also a Certified Cosmetic Tattooist and if you would like your eyebrows, eyes, lips or anything else Tattooed then please come to me also. I will be pleased to do an AweSome job for you and make you feel AweSome also.